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About Muscle & Mind Fitness

Situated in an excellent location less than five minutes from the M50 and just off the M1. Muscle and Mind Fitness has evolved in our latest facility and exceeded all previous expectations. Initially we set up to condition and coach football teams and we have matured into a gym that caters for all needs of diverse capabilities within our community.

We have friendly and down to earth staff, everyone who comes through the door will see our different approach and enjoy our welcoming atmosphere.

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Open Gym €40 per month*

Open Gym €300 per year

Open Gym & Classes per year **

*does not include classes.

**Please contact us for a price.


Payments can be made at the at the gym. Please visit our reception upon arrival and one of our staff will go through the different payment methods available. You can send us an email directly via our Contact Us page and we can answer any query you may have.




Contact Us

Phone: 01-8473582


Address: Oscar Traynor Coaching & Development Centre, Oscar Traynor Road, Coolock, Dublin 17.

Opening Hours:

Our opening hours are constantly changing to meet the needs of our ever growing customer base. To find out whats happening just click the facebook link below and see what suits your training schedule this week.

Alternatively just shoot a message over and we will get back to you with this weeks program of classes.

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May Class timetable

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Our new timetable


We have included two Yoga classes per week for those looking for the complete mind and body health experience. Yoga boasts benefits such as:

  1. Body toning
  2. Stress relief
  3. Weight loss
  4. Improves immunity
  5. Increases energy levels

Just speak to your trainer about signing up for our Yoga classes on a monthly bases or use our €10 drop in rate to try it out. 


Our super efficient high intensity workout sessions are ideal for your busy work schedule. Research shows that you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minute interval session than someone jogging along on a treadmill for an entire hour. Not only to you burn more calories during a HIIT session, but the effect of the intense exertion kicks your body repair cycle into hyperdrive,. This means your body burns more fat and calories for 24 hours after you finish the class.


This fun and effective full body workout burns up to 600 calories per session. After a stressful day at work or at home with the kids there's nothing better than releasing all of that built up stress and tension on our state of the art boxing equipment. This is one of the best stress relief classes we offer at MAMF.


This is a mix of strength and cardio exercises to improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. This full body workout is fun, socially interactive and popular with our clients. Your guaranteed to leave our class in better mood than when you arrived.

Spin Class

Spin is an indoor cycling class that focuses on strength, speed and endurance. This mega fat buring class will get you those killer legs you always wanted. We promise an excellent playlist to keep you pumped where you will feel amazing when that last song plays. 

Strength Camp

Strength camp is a full body weight session. If you are looking to change your body composition this is the session for you. You will learn to lift weights with the discipline expected of an athlete in a controlled environment. 

AB Blaster

The Ab Blaster workout is a fast paces aerobic workout were we pay particular attention to the core muscle groups. Below are some benefits from a strong core.

  1. A stronger abdominal area supports your spine hence you will be able to lift heavier weights.
  2. You are less likely to suffer from lower back pain and chronic back injuries.
  3. If you play football, you are more likely to have a more powerful shot hit that football harder. The more muscle you have in the abdominal area, the more energy will be generated to the rest of your body.

If you have any suggestions on classes you would like to see at our gym, just talk to your trainer next time your in or send you suggestions to